PassCode – ONE STEP BEYOND (MV) and Same to you (MV)

Been waiting for this ever since the announcement earlier today.

Then the hour rolls around and *BOOM* region locked. Do not fear PassCode will not stand for these types of record company shenanigans.

This first video we talked about on the podcast when the short version came out. we said it was formulaic and the the song structure was very samey in a PassCode sort of way. Now that the full video is out I don’t think we were actually that far off. It is not a bad song, it is just not very original. At least the video isn’t a total Vaseline smeared nightmare of disjointed scenes like the last video they put out.

If you are in the US the group put it up on Facebook for you.


The second video is a little better. I really like this song. It is a bit different than the last couple offerings, including the above song from the same release. The video isn’t trying to be odd with some sort of “story” in it, they are back to the straight up studio style videos that they always do so well.

For US residents


Official Website:

If you like these tunes, you might as well go buy the CD

PassCode – ZENITH (CD+DVD)

PassCode – ZENITH (CD)

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