Emiri leaving Checkmate

Well, looks like we have hit another tough time for idols, first the Guso Drop announcement, now this from Checkmate. Looks like they will be light a member coming up pretty quick here. Did this come as a surprise? Maybe….

As of late Emiri had missed shows on the 15th, 16th and 19th due to illness.  According to a statement released by Checkmate her health had not been great from the very start but it had now caught up to her. She says she is sorry and thank you for the support.

It also seems that she will not be at her birthday live on August 2nd and it has now s been changed into a 4-man live. It looks doubtful if she will appear.

Her graduation is scheduled to take place at their one man live on August 18th.

Her Twitter has also been emptied so no looking for clues there.

Lately it seems as her role in the group was being reduced and the twin vocals of Ayumi and Rina were being pushed to the front, along with a larger part being taken by Hitomi with her death vocals. I guess Saaya is going to have to step it up in the singing department to keep pace with the rest of what is looking to be a four girl unit. I have not heard if they are looking for a replacement.

Official Website: https://checkmatecheckmate.jimdo.com/


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