DEVIL GUN and PANiC MAGiC Call It Quits

This could be some of the greatest news for five idols ever. It looks like DEVIL GUN and PANiC MAGiC are finally out from under the foot of what is possibly the worst idol management company ever. Yes, even worse than Showroom. Shall we see how this is all gonna shake out?

I remember being super hyped when the new agency on the block announced the formation of some new idol units. Namely ICE CREAM SUICIDE, DEVIL GUN and PANiC MAGiC. I think most were excited for DEVIL GUN, they were supposed to be all metal-idol with harsh vocals and all the good stuff.

I think one of the first signs that all was not going to go well was when all three groups were gagged from responding to fans. I really enjoyed talking to the likes of Botan and Kaai (who is pretty good at English I will let you know). Anyone that followed any of these group knows that this gag order was never lifted. Bad on you ANFORT.

Secondly, never a scrap of music was heard from DEVIL GUN or PANiC MAGiC, unless you were lucky enough to catch the former’s 10 minute performance on a Tokyo Idol Gekijo stream they took part in. We were at one point, in November 2016, DEVIL GUN promised one song per week for the month of December. That never happened because Nitou Rechi left the group and they said they needed to re-record the tracks. At this point Shiga Rami started doing double duty, singing in both groups which must have been pretty tough for her. Still nothing appeared.

After the total collapse of ICE CREAM SUICIDE and legal actions to leave by Anna Fujishiro it was really only a matter of time before the end of the other two groups that remained.

As one can clearly see, ANFORT was not good at either promoting or supporting any of their idol groups. As far as I know ICE CREAM SUICIDE is actually still a group as it was never announced that they disbanded.

Official announcement from DEVIL GUN

Official announcement from PANiC MAGiC

It seems they will both put on one last live on July 28th at 北浦和KYARA. So if you want to see them this will be your last chance.

One last thing on how impersonal ANFORT is can be seen in how the announcement were made. They are exactly the same wording, only the names are different.

I for one say good-bye to ANFORT with a smile on my face and hope that the girls can all go on to be in successful idol units, if they have not been completely turned off to the whole thing by the actions of, in my opinion, the worst idol agency ever.

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