Just looking at all the new stuff in the Alternative Idol Facebook group when I got up this morning, as you do, and saw an interesting post by Terry. It was about some photographs taken of NECRONOMIDOL while on tour in France. You want to see them? Of course you do.

Leo Berne, photographer and wait for it………. video director (I will get to that), shot some excellent photos of NECRONOMIDOL. One is of particular interest as the composition posted surely resembles an album jacket.

©Leo Berne 2017

Check out the rest of the photos, because they are spectacular.

Now on to what I think might actually be something a little more exciting. As I mentioned before, Leo Berne is a video director. He has directed videos for such artists as Rihanna and Madonna, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and M.I.A. Is there a possibility that he may or already has directed a NECRONOMIDOL MV? I sure hope so. I guess only time will tell. If his photographic style is anything to go on then I am sure a video would be outstanding.

Official Website:

3 thoughts on “NECRONOMIDOL: Is This The Jacket Art For DAWNSLAYER?

  1. I’d love to live in the world where Necronomidol has Rihanna and Madonna level MV budgets. I’m not sure that world has arrived yet.


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