GANG PARADE Tour Final And An Announcement

I have a confession. I LOVE GANG PARADE!! This may not be new to some of you that listen to the podcast as every time we talk about them I say how great they are, how they have grown on me since the WACK auditions and all the other great stuff I say about them. Well, they just had their tour final and made a great announcement.

First the〈GANG PARADE Beyond the Mountain TOUR〉final which was held at Shibuya WWW. This was broadcast live on NicoNico if you were around to watch it and, damn it, what a great show.

First before I link the video here is the set list

  1. WE ARE the IDOL
  3. Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky
  4. MC1 (self-introduction)
  6. don’t forget me not
  7. Daydream
  8. fly away
  9. Barely Last
  10. Close your eyes
  11. 走る!!
  12. テヲノバス
  14. UNIT
  15. Letter
  16. sugar
  17. ペニンシュラ
  18. MC2
  19. FOUL
  20. pretty pretty good
  21. Plastic 2 mercy
  22. Encore MC. (Aya)
  23. Beyond the Mountain

Wow, what a great live. Let’s talk about Aya’s MC for a second before moving on to the announcement that was made on the website. (This is a super rough translation, I will put a transcript of the MC at the end of the article and you can translate it yourself, then come tell me how wrong I got it.)

She starts out by talking about how in the beginning with BiS she was often told how she had no sense of purpose and was to worried about herself, that she didn’t stand out. She took part in the WACK audition and didn’t know how to carry herself, should she smile  or put on a “painful face”. She was becoming more oblivious to her own self.

Since she moved to GANG PARADE after the WACK Audition she began to have a lot of feelings she had not felt in BiS.

BiS was on the rise and she was not confident in GANG PARADE. She felt she might not be needed in either group. However the other members and staff were very welcoming and supportive.

She admit to not being good at speaking to crowds, as evidenced by her MC the day before. But by being in GANG PARADE she has been able to face her difficulties and work on getting better. She is very grateful that she was put in GANG PARADE.

She says that since entering GANG PARADE she has found her way of thinking, and always with a smile on stage. GANG PARADE is a group that makes a lot of people smile, she has seem a lot of happiness so she knows it is not a mistake. She thinks there are still many obstacles in the future but they can be overcome by these seven people.

These seven people are GANG PARADE

GANG PARADE is permanently immortal.

What can we take away from this? Well, I think she is pretty happy being in GANG PARADE. I also think that she might like to stay with the group. I for one would not be against the trade becoming permanent. I think Saki is great back in BiS and I think Aya is awesome in GANG PARADE.

Anyway, I said that there was also an announcement. On July 30th the official website announced that the group will be putting out a new full album on November 21st called “GANG PARADE take themselves higher!!”. It will be the first full album with the full complement of seven members. The previous album, Barely Last, was done by only four members. It also mentions that Aya will be on the album, word is that the songs will probably be geared towards her singing strengths.

Official Website:

If you have not picked up Beyond the Mountain yet, you should think about it.

GANG PARADE – Beyond the Mountain [Type A]

GANG PARADE – Beyond the Mountain [Type B]

Here is Aya’s MC


〈WACK EXHiBiTiON〉で、GANG PARADEに移籍してから、私はBiSでは感じたことのない気持ちをたくさん感じてきました。ツアーのハコが埋まること、車で移動できること、そういうスタッフさんがいること、当たり前にお客さんが来てくれること、わかっているつもりだったんですけど、改めてそのことが当たり前じゃないということを知りました。

BiSは上り調子だし、GANG PARADEに対しても自信がもてなくて、私はBiSにもGANG PARADEにも、どこにも必要ないんじゃないかと思っていた時期もありました。だけど、GANG PARADEのメンバーやスタッフさん、遊び人のみなさんが暖かく迎い入れてくれて、支えてくれて、応援してくれて、だから私はいまここに立てていると思います。本当に感謝しています。ありがとうございます。

私は人前でしゃべるのがすごく苦手で、昨日の八王子でのインストアでもMCが飛んでしまったりして、そんな自分がすごく嫌で。いろいろたくさん嫌なところがあって、でもGANG PARADEに入って、こうやってみんなの前で話す機会をいただいて、少しずつ自分の苦手なことにも挑戦できていると思います。私はなにも考えていないとか、悲壮感がないとか、いろいろ言われていて、すごく私はそれが嫌で。特に何も考えていないって思われるのがすごく嫌で。でもこうやって考えることができたのは、GANG PARADEに入ってからだと思います。なので私はGANG PARADEに入れたことにすごく感謝しています。

あいつは何も考えていないとか、そういう周りの目とかもあると思うんですけど、私はGANG PARADEに入って自分のあり方をみつけたし、誰に何を言われようとも、ずっと笑顔でステージに立っていきたいと思いました。GANG PARADEはたくさんの人を笑顔にできるグループだと思います。私がGANG PARADEにたくさんの笑顔をもらったので、それは絶対間違いないです。この先もたくさんの山があると思うんですけど、この7人なら絶対に私は超えていけると思います。


GANG PARADEは永久不滅です!!

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