Candye♡Syrup – Candye♡Syrup (MV)

Who remembers Candye♡Syrup popping up? Everyone was very excited that Non had found something to do idol oriented. I was more interested in seeing where this new group was heading. Am I disappointed?


Not at all. I am getting prety much just what I expected. Idol-rock with a candy coating. Did I expect more from an idol group created by a specialty hair salon owner? Nope, not for a second. It almost seems like they are trying to tick every box of alt-idolness. Heavy guitar riff? check; EDM portion? check; Vocoder? check; Death vocals? double check. I could go on for a while and to top it all off this group will have the best maintained dye jobs on the planet. Well, they better. I guess there really isn’t anymore to say other than watch this video.

Hey guess what else. They now have a website.

Official Website:

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