BiS And GANG PARADE: Single Status, Tour And “The Trade”

It seems like not a week goes by that there isn’t some sort of news coming out of the house that Watanabe built. This week is no different. There are a couple of stories that will be affecting certain things. So let’s get a look at all this news, good or bad or maybe you think it isn’t either.

First, on the podcast we talked about the down time for Periubu from BiS. She was hospitalized with infectious enteritis (an intestinal disorder) keeping her from performing. As an act of solidarity the group has cancelled their one-man live and shows until her return, BiSH and GANG PARADE performing at the one-man instead.

As a result of this, BiS has also decided to postpone the release of the upcoming 「I can’t say NO!!!!!!!」. It was originally scheduled for August 16th but has now been pushed back all the way to October 4th. I assume this is to get Periubu back up to performing speed and reschedule all the supporting tour lives. Here is the official announcement.

Get well soon Peri-chan

In other news, something that was hinted at a bit last week. With the announcement of the release of 「GANG PARADE take themselves higher!!」 when it was mentioned that Aya would appear on the album their were rumblings in the fandom about “The Trade” being permanent. This was almost verified with the MC by Aya at the 〈GANG PARADE Beyond the Mountain TOUR〉final, where she talked about her experience in GANG PARADE and pretty much said she would like to stay there.

This has all come to be with an announcement by Watanabe at the 「BAD SOCiAL TOUR」 final, 「IDOL is DEAD」. He told the audience that the trade involving Saki and Aya would be extended indefinitely. It appeared that the crowd was surprised by this and then gave a huge cheer. There was an announcement of a joint tour starting on October 1st called the BiS×GANG PARADE「HELL!! CLASH!! BREAK!! TOUR」, this will have to be changed since BiS will not perform without Periubu. The first show has been scheduled for October 6th.

It looks like October will be very busy for BiS with the joint tour and their own release tour. I for one am hoping that Perichan will be strong enough to do it.

Official Websites

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