Candye♡Syrup: Release Their Third Track

Candye♡Syrup is certainly out to prove something. And if that thing is putting out kick ass music, well, they are certainly doing that. As a matter of fact, at this rate we could have an albums worth of music in no time. Lets take a look at what we have.

I really don’t know what to say about this track other than it is pretty awesome. The group has a style, no doubt about that. Hard digital meets djenty guitar riffs to form some really catchy tunes. This new one is no exception. Have a listen.


Now that is a good track.

Previously they release another track that I did not talk about here, we did talk about it on the podcast though. I don’t want anyone being left out so here is that track.

Candye♡Syrup – C♡S.I.S

I guess to top it all off I might as well re-link the MV for the initial release. I mostly want to do this so I can have a good excuse to listen to it again.

Ok, now I am satisfied…….. for now.

Official Website:

One thought on “Candye♡Syrup: Release Their Third Track

  1. They do sound good, AND have a solid non-uniform look. I wonder if the enormous (compared to basement Idol) amount of J-fashion fans may help with their potential rise, and if that will have an effect on Idol in general going forward?


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