Blessed be I, for I have been graced with a preview of the new NECRONOMIDOL release. I will now let all of you know what I think of it in the most impartial way that I am able, I will really try, honest. So, without further delay, my attempt at a review.

(reviews are not something that I usually do, but due to circumstances I feel that I must)

Everyone’s favorite dark themed idols are back and they are not taking any prisoners this time. This release is steeped in Lovecraftian themes and more than the Devil’s share of darkness. If you are already a fan of NECRONOMIDOL you are going to love this release. If you are new to this group you will probably find something that will pique your interest. This is the eighth studio release by the group, hopefully with many more to come. I guess we should just get on with it.

First the boilerplate stuff. The release will be available in two versions with four tracks apiece. You can find the details here: DAWNSLAYER versions. As you can see, if you want all the tracks you will have to pick up both versions. Depending on your musical tastes you may only need one. The physical release will be available on August 30th and the digital release (all five tracks) will be available from the group’s Bandcamp at that time as well. More details at the end of the review

Here we go…..

Opening this release with speed and power. Mr. Perkele, from the groups live backing band, penned the music for this one. One could almost call it power metal, double kick drums, riffing, a sweet synth track peeking through at times. Even the vocals evoke a power metal feel. Epic in sound and scope, definitely an A side.

Darkwave in the NECRONOMIDOL style. Lyrically beautiful in a dark and horrifying way, this is what I would call NECRONOMIDOL’s love song, which at it’s very core it certainly is. Musically this could almost be played in any club setting. It is a very danceable song, you know the kind where the bass line hits right in that sweet spot that makes you want to move. Get this track to your local DJ, I bet you they will play it.

This song sounds fantastical and dreadful all at once. If there was a song for the end of the world, I think this might be it. A mix of electric guitar, synth and a rhythm section that feels almost etherical. For some reason this song seems like it has actual physical weight, I like that.

Strings, kettle drums, bells and a tempo like molasses call forth visions of what the soundtrack of a dungeon must be like. Dark and brooding music with vocals that are not cheery by any stretch of the imagination. One might classify this song as a dirge, melancholy, sadness and the feeling that you have resigned yourself to the darkness. There is a palpable atmosphere to this song. Available on the 「DAWN」 version only.

My favorite track from this release, drives relentlessly forward evoking nostalgic memories of early 80s metal from the likes of Motörhead and bands of that ilk. There is no flashy guitar work here, it is all business. The rhythm section pushes from the back creating a foreboding sound the mixes well with the vocals. To me the musical feel of this track melds perfectly with the subject matter, an unstoppable force engulfing and destroying all before it. Available on the 「SLAYER」 version only.

Each track is lyrical nightmare fuel, I would expect nothing but that from NECRONOMIDOL. This is a gem of a release. Overall I am giving it my personal stamp of approval, I don’t know if that actually means anything but I am doing it anyway. I know giving a rating is something that I am supposed to do or folks get all bent out of shape so here you go.

Official rating: 4.5/5

Official Website:

Available for pre-order now:



Available digitally on August 30th here: NECRONOMIDOL Bandcamp

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