EMPiRE: Finally A Question Answered

Does anyone that is reading this remember the WACK Auditions? You know that thing where BiS got some members, Aya and Saki switched. All those good things, yeah, it was quite the event. There was one other thing that happened. Well, last night at the 「TOKYO BiSH SHiNE3」 live Watanabe came out and made an announcement, as he does. What was it? I guess you will just have to read on.

Recall the end of the WACK EXHIBiTiON when there was the announcement of a new group. It was to be a co-venture between avex and WACK called Project aW. Did  you ever wonder what became of all that? We now know. Last night a new group was revealed, named EMPiRE.

All mysterious and covered completely in black from head to toe. Now, the catch here is that they will not be revealed until members receive 10,000 Twitter followers. Now I assume that this is the number for each member. Do you want to see them? You will have to help out and give each a follow.  By the way, I am sure that we already know who two of them members are. Remember the two that were marched off stage at the WACK Exhibition and put into the mysterious Project aW? They were using the names Momokogumi.inc and Gamiya Saki during the auditions. If you want to ruin your surprise you can go look them up, I am sure they are not hard to find. Anyway, here are the Twitter accounts and website for this new group. There really is not much more info to give out.






EMPiRE Official

Official Website: http://empire-official.com/ (photosensitive people be careful)

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