This is why I do not like to sleep. I tried to stay up to be on this when it came out. I ended up falling asleep and now I am late. Well, I guess that is just the way it happens sometimes. Anyhow, Terry and I talked about the upcoming NECRONOMIDOL release on the podcast and now you get to experience one of the tracks as well.

Like I was talking about in my review of DAWNSLAYER this song is power metal in essence. Now this video is out and damn it, this thing is pretty much in keeping with the power metal aesthetic. Fantastic and mystical looking with a visual story, just great. This thing is almost like a mini-movie. It even has a cast list.

Queen of Darkness: Sari
Shogun of Darkness: Risaki Kakizaki
Princess of Light: Hina Yotsuyu
Princess’ Attendant: Rei Imaizumi
Priestess of Darkness: Himari Tsukishiro
Queen of Light: Mari Hiratsuka

So I won’t make you wait any longer, here it is.

Quick side note, Ricky is nice enough to add English subtitles, so turn them on.

Quite the production. Very grand in scope, it appears to have had quite the budget as well. I assume the European tour helped finance it.

Also, a little fact: Rei Imaizumi helped out with the costuming.

Official Website:

If you like the song, buy the release.



Available digitally on August 30th here: NECRONOMIDOL Bandcamp

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