Kaqriyo Terror Architect – First Song Preview

We spoke about it some time ago that Codomomental (the people behind the likes of Tsurezure and Zenkimi) were putting out a new group named Kaqriyo Terror Architect.

They made the announcement, showed off the two members and the group had their debut. We still had no word on exactly just what they sound like, well that question is finally answered!

Today they have finally given us a preview song and it certainly doesn’t disappoint (Unless of course you don’t like pounding break beat style drums paired with fast paced rhythm guitar and arpeggio synth lines but each to their own…)

Here it is:

For those of you who missed the two hour window here it is in all its permanent glory:


Now some of you may be familiar with Terror Architect’s current line up:



Today they announced a new third member! details below:

Interesting! they confirmed she features on the preview song too so we have a good approximation of what the current line up is now capable of.

I was already excited for more  Codomomental style music but now I’m fully aboard the Terror Architect hype train, lets see where this goes!

If you want to find out more check out:

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