REGiNA KiSS: What Is Going On?

This will be pretty short as I don’t have much on it. It seems that some time between August 31st and September 3rd, REGiNA KiSS went from three members down to two. It all seems so very strange to me, and I only noticed it because I wanted to watch their new video again.

On the 31st they had a show and it all seemed fine. I mean look at them, all happy and stuff.

Now it seems pretty much everything is gone and the group is now only two members. I mean look at their YouTube account, this is the playlist for REGiNA KiSS videos. There is still some solo stuff from the two remaining members, Kanna and Akie elsewhere on the channel.

There may be something in this post, but spoken Japanese is a complete mystery to me.

It says there was a meeting today about the future direction of the group, or so it seems. They do still have scheduled lives that they are going to do. Plus already new graphics on the Twitter account as well.

This is all just so mysterious and sudden. No graduation, no explanation, just a complete vanishing by Akari. I did reach out to see if she had an words on the subject but got no answer. If anyone out there knows anything, do let me know.

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