That Is New To Me: Mystic Mode

Here is a new group that I have had my eye on for a week or so. A little different fare from the usual idolrock/idolcore stuff we usually cover. You know what though, I like them so far, at least from what I have heard. Lets take a look at Mysic Mode.

Maybe not as sparse as the previous entry, but still a bit lacking unfortunately.

Mystic Mode, what can I say. I guess we will let them give you a small description of themselves. The tag line they use is “Tokyo Real Cyber EDM Gals Unit”. I am going to have to agree with this labeling as they are very much all of those things.

They have only been around since May 2017 but did not open their official group Twitter until August 2017. Fortunately the individual girls have had their own accounts for years, so I was able to scrounge up a tiny bit of information. In the time before the official Twitter they released one song named 魔法のChu! (Magical Kiss!), here is a sample: 魔法のChu!. Now this seems a bit traditional in style, but let me tell you, their current single is a bit different. Before we look at that, lets meet the members.

Wakaki Moe: Twitter

She describes herself as eternally 17 and she is in charge of the color pink. She also does modeling.

Wakamatsu Yuri: Twitter

She is in charge of the color green and is also an actress.

Yumi Yumi Kaori: Twitter

She did not have much in her description other than she is in charge of orange. I also believe she is a model.

So, on August 30th they released their first nation-wide single titled GALAXY GALAXY.



I have only heard the A side, but let me tell you, this is some hardcore EDM, not like the song earlier in this post. It is available on I really wanted to share this tune with all of you, but it is not available in any type of free form that I could find.

Official Website:

You want this thing on physical media? Here you go.


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