SAiNT SEX – WACK IS FXXK (MV) And A Bunch More

So I am sure you have heard of super groups, and even idol super groups. How about a sort of WACK super group. It seems like Watanabe has decided to create some sort of monster.  Lets have a look at it.

What it looks like we have here is an agency shuffle group, or a group of rotating members from made of girls all from the same production house. At the moment the group is made up of these members: Aina The End (BiSH), Ayuni D (BiSH), Pour Lui (BiS), Saki (BiS), Aya Eightprince (GANG PARADE), Yua (GANG PARADE), Miki (GANG PARADE). We are not quite sure how this will all shake out but it seems like members will come and go, possibly changing the group’s name when it happens. Details are a bit vague at the moment.

This line-up is called SAiNT SEX and they already have a video.

It seems there is also a couple of in-stores and a CD, again details are few at the current time. We do know that the CD will be a Tower Records exclusive limited to 2000 copies. It looks like it will come with a shirt as well.

Official Website:

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