Kaqriyo Terror Architect – Kagome Kagome (MV)

Well, they faked us out a couple of time with announcements about merchandise and tours. Standard for codomomental. Then yesterday yet another announcement.

But that wasn’t all….

After waiting for hours to see what grand thing they were gong to show us, well….

Ugh, more waiting. but then they release the information at 21:45.

Was it worth all the trouble? You be the judge. Here is the MV for the lead song on the first single from 幽世テロルArchitect.

Official Website: http://kaqriyoterror.com/

Did you like the song? The video? why don’t you go ahead and buy a copy of the single.

幽世テロルArchitect – かごめかごめ/Hybrid TABOO

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