BiS – BAD SOCiAL TOUR FiNAL 「IDOL is DEAD」 Announcements Made

Well, I almost missed this whole show, with all the not paying attention I do. I sure am glad it popped up on Twitter an hour before hand. This is not one I wanted to miss. Especially with all the Watanabe hi-jinks lately. I just knew something was going to happen, I mean it had to, right?

The BAD SOCiAL TOUR FiNAL 「IDOL is DEAD」 at Akasaka BLITZ started off fine, nothing seemed out of place. The singing was great, as usual. Big stage, big crowd, all just great. Then I remembered, Pour Lui is on hiatus, you know because of the whole DiET or DiE thing. Counted the girls, yep just the six. and they were doing good, I mean really, really good. I thought, “OK, I guess it is just a six girl show for the final”


They started up everyone’s favorite workout tune “paprika”. At the start of “paprika” Saki called for Pour Lui to get out on stage. Then it was pretty much said they were going to do squats until Pour Lui came out. All of them were doing squats, you know, like they do. The first round ended. And the song started again.

During the second round of “paprika” she came out, about halfway through the song, to much applause and visible joy from all the girls on stage. Well, that didn’t last long, they finished the second round of “paprika” and boom, it started up again. then again, and again. They did it a total of five times. I guess when you challenge the boss sometimes you pay the price.

So Pour Lui is officially off suspension and the group is whole again. They put on quite a show. Everyone in the Alternative Idol discord channel was having a good time.

Watch it while it is here

Oh, another thing. Remember the lottery to be in the guillotine on stage? THat happened at this show. There they were kind of off to the side and behind the girls, I think they were having a good time, but who knows.

A couple other little pieces of news. BiS has been signed to a major label, Crown Stone, a sub-label of Nippon Crown. Not back to avex as everyone was probably thinking would happen. Dates for any upcoming releases will be announced at a later date.

They also announced the BiS 2nd BEGiNNiNG TOUR which will start on January 6th and end with BiS 2nd BEGiNNiNG TOUR FiNAL WHO KiLLED IDOL?? on March 4th. details here: THE DETAILS

Official Website:

Oh hey, did you order their new single yet? No? Here you go then:
BiS – I cant say NO!!!!!!!

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