EMPiRE – New Song (and a word from me)

EMPiRE……. the next big group from Junnosuke Watanabe. This is what we have all been hoping for. We were told they were going to sound “cool”. Still trying to figure that one out.  Anyhow, new song on the old Soundcloud.

Before you do anything else, listen to this song.


Damn, that is a really good tune. I am really digging it.

Here is my part:

You may have noticed that once again Watanabe is singing the song. I am fine with this. I think he has a great voice. Some folks are getting really torqued off at this. I know that they want to hear the girls and all that, but I mean come on, there is really no reason to get triggered by this.

Watanabe has a great voice and I hope he puts out a solo album. I am going to download this song so I can listen to it in the car, adding it to the other great EMPiRE tune he already sang (down below).

You all need to just chill a little, you should know by now how Watanabe does things. If you are still surprised by this perhaps WACK groups are not the groups for you.

There I said my piece while being civil. Terry and Garry will tell you that is a rare thing. I usually get all bent out of shape. any way.

Back to EMPiRE stuff. Here is the first track released.


They have also announced a fan club that will open soon.

And as a treat for sticking around to the end……..


Official Website: http://empire-official.com/

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