The life of an idol group can be fast and unpredictable. Sometimes the acts you think are going to last just end with no warning. This is the way it is with idol. You always need to be prepared because stuff like this just comes out of nowhere.

Woke up early today, not feeling very healthy. Open the old Twitter and I am greeted with this.

These types of posts are always a toss up, could be good could be bad. This particular one is not so good. It looks like NEVE SLIDE DOWN is ending. As always the management is thankful for the support and says they will continue to do their best to the end.  You can read the official announcement here: Official Announcement

It looks like they are going to put on a final tour before disbanding, which is always nice for fans. It gives a bit of closure.

Here are the details.

Link to the official details: The Details

I didn’t really listen to NEVE SLIDE DOWN too much, I am not really into the vocoder thing. I can appreciate what they were doing though. I thought they would be around for a bit and I would just check them out later. I guess I will have to see about picking up their discography before prices on the aftermarket get out of control.

Official Website:

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