WACK & SCRAMBLES WORKS – What Is This Release?

I have been seeing a good deal of hate for the old WACK crew lately. I think it is just people being cranky because they don’t know brilliant marketing when they see it. Anyway,this information came out today which I found very interesting and thought you all might as well. I figure nobody was really paying close attention.

There is a big WACK party happening in December and it looks like a CD to go with. I won’t be talking about the WACK festival here, I am interested in the release that looks to go with it.

This CD is being put out to celebrate the third anniversary of the WACK management group, headed by Junnosuke Watanabe as well as SCRAMBLES production company which is run by Kenta Matsukuma. So really a double anniversary celebration.

The CD is very interesting, it will include members from BiS, BiSH, GANG PARADE and the newest WACK offering, EMPiRE. Members from all groups will form shuffle groups (like SAiNT SEX) for eight of the ten tracks, which were all produced by SCRAMBLES.

Details on the CD are slim at the moment, but we do have a release date of December 6th 2017.  It also looks like there will be a limited edition that also includes a DVD, no idea what will be on it yet.

We also have the track list.

  1. スパーク (originally by:BiSH)
  2. オーケストラ (originally by:BiSH)
  3. nerve (originally by:BiS)
  4. gives (originally by:BiS)
  5. Plastic 2 mercy (originally by:GANG PARADE)
  6. ラバソー ~lover soul~ (originally by: 柴咲コウ)
  7. フライングヒューマノイド (originally by: 中川翔子)
  8. 屋上の空 (originally by: Buzz72+)
  10. タイトル未定 / EMPiRE

The last two on the list will be songs sung by the listed groups. We have all heard the SAiNT SEX song I am sure. Of interest for sharp eyed folks is the last track. You will be able to hear the actual group, EMPiRE, two days before their debut at the WACK festival on December 8th.

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