Oyasumi Hologram – Mother (song preview)

Oh, thank the EDM gods, we got a little sneak listen of a track from the upcoming 「17」 from Oyasumi Hologram. Now we don’t cover Oysm much arouond these parts, but dang it, when they put out a sample we are going to let you know. We are just the nice.

The track is called 「Mother」 and is off the upcoming 「17」. This is one of three releases from Oysm on November 8th. The others are  called 「15」 and 「Band Demo Vol.1」. Details after the track, which is right here.

Here are the release details.

Price: (¥1,620)

Track list

  1. それから
  2. ghosting
  3. 真昼のダンス(15 version)
  4. note (15 version)
  5. ニューロマンサー(15 version)

Price: (¥1,620)

Track list

  1. slow dancer
  2. Lemon
  3. Mother
  4. Hole of my underground
  5. slow dancer(acoustic version)
  6. Lemon(acoustic version)

「Band Demo Vol.1」
Price: (¥1,080)

Track list

  1. PLAN
  2. Machine Song
  3. ニューロマンサー
  4. 誰かの庭

Official Website: http://oysm-hologram.com/


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