Maison book girl Announce New Single

Surprise is sure a great thing. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good surprise. Good old Maison book girl had one for us today that just seemed to come out of nowhere. Let’s see what is going on.

First here is the surprise tweet, at least I think it was a surprise. I had not heard anything about an up coming release.

Interesting intro video as well. But then again, everything they do is interesting.

I guess the reason you are here is to find out the details of the release….. maybe a look at the cover as well. You are in luck then dear reader, I have both.

The new single titled 「cotoeri」 will be released in December 13th. It will cost ¥1300 (tax-in)

Track list:

  1. 言選り
  2. 十六歳
  3. 雨の向こう側で
  4. 言選り (instrumental)
  5. 十六歳 (instrumental)
  6. 雨の向こう側で (instrumental)

And of course, as is the way with idol, we have new outfits to go with the new release.

Official Website:

Do you need that pre-order done now? I am going to make one, I love Maison book girl.

Maison book girl – cotoeri

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