Alloy Is Releasing Some Stuff

You know what you are not allowed to do in the world of idol? Stop paying attention. When you do that stuff starts to slip by. It is more important to pay attention in this slow season, you may find yourself with nothing to report on at all. Good thing I was paying attention today, unless they announced this earlier (I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case). Anyway, Alloy has a some new releases coming.

I was just reading through Twitter casually today, not really paying attention too much when I came across this tweet.

Huh, what is this all about? I scrolled down a little more and saw a story from Billboard Japan and the original announcement so I wasn’t actaully two late . So what it looks like is that Alloy is putting out their second and third singles as well as a DVD of their first one-man.

Here are the details.

Both single will go on sale November 15th and cost ¥1080 (tax in)


  1. Pinball


  1. astr∞naut
  2. いろはづき

They ar also releasing the one-man DVD, it will be priced at ¥2160 which is honestly a steal for a one-man DVD. At least compared to others I have seen.

『Alloy 1st one-man show』

No track list available

Official Website:



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