Yamitsuki Company Comes To An Abrupt End

Oh idol, you are an odd thing. Bringing all the joy then with one fell swoop taking it away. Such a warm and loving thing and yet cold and cruel all at the same time. Well that was a bit dramatic, but it seems we are seeming these cut and dry quick idol unit dissolutions more often. This time it is from a known yet unknown group, Yamitsuki Company.

No need to beat around the bush I suppose, so here we go. Yamitsuki Company will be disbanding, effective October 29th. Here is the tweet.

It has been quite sometime since I covered this group, since there is never really anything announced but live performances. They still have no website, only Twitter accounts. The last time I covered them was here, in an introductory article, plus one a little later about possible additions to the group that never occurred.

They only even produced one MV. It seems they had quite a catalog of songs, numbering about 15 or so. Never a CD or digital release, everything was live and only live.

Anyhow, word around the campfire is that they are all going to concentrate on their real world jobs. All the girls being employed at maid cafés, and probably pulling in a good deal more money that they did at any live shows, even the ones with the ¥10,000 special entry tickets.

So we bid farewell to Yamitsuki Company, and good luck.

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