BILLIE IDLE – さよならロマンティック (MV) And More

BILLIE IDLE is back with a new MV and release. It seems like they just put out two albums not long ago, doesn’t it? Well, here is more goodness from everyone’s 80s tinged idols.

Another minimalist video, in the same visual vein as “Anarchy in the Music Scene”. The song is slightly different than their usual MV release. You might say it is more of a late 80s styled song.

As I said in the title, there is more. This track will be on the oddly titled “LAST ALBUM”, which we all know is more than likely not the last album. I would love to give you details or a cover for this release, but there is nothing out there yet. We do have the price which is ¥3000 and will be released on Novenber 22nd.

Now, this song is also going to be out as a single. According to the natalie article it should be out on November 1st. The single will include  a second the track which is not included on the album, 「さよならロマンティック」.  By the way, both songs were penned by Akira. Hoe does one get their hands on this release? That I don’t know, maybe electronicly, or maybe venue only.

Official Website:

Pre order the upcoming album.


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