GANG PARADE – 『GANG PARADE』 (MV) And Album Information

Been waiting for some release information from GANG PARADE, but the MV is just a really awesome bonus. The new out fits, well, I will leave you to make your own opinion. Lets take a look at this new video, and release info shall we.

First we will just throw the video right out here. I am sure that is why most of you are here anyway.

Now that that is out of the way, here is some new information on the next release. It will be out on November 21st and run you ¥3000 (plus tax)

『GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!』

Track list:

  1. イミナイウタ
  3. Are you kidding?
  4. 普通の日常
  5. FOUL
  6. I need you I love you I want you
  7. Plastic 2 Mercy
  8. TIE
  9. Beyond the Mountain

As you can see there are a couple of repeats from previous releases, but that is OK because they are great songs. Oh, here is the groups new visual.

Official Website:

You want to put in a per-order? Here you go.

GANG PARADE – 『GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!』

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