Well, if WACK knows how to do one thing very well, that thing is promotion. Today they pulled off a great one. This nobody saw this one coming, not in a million years. You want to know what it was? Well, let’s find out.

Today Twitter started erupting with tweets like the following.

All of us in the west started scrambling around trying to figure out what was going on. I think we know know. BiSH had a guerrilla release of their new album, the one that comes out on the 29th. This pre-release is titled “THE GUERRiLLA BiSH” and it is a limited edition. The other amazing thing is that it only costs ¥299 (tax in)….. WHAT!?!?! The down side, it is only for sale at Tower Records in store for November 4th and 5th (or while supplies last)

From what we can tell it is the full album but only  without a cover or inserts. This is what you get.

The track list has been posted (well in a sneaky underhanded way)

  1. My landscape
  2. SHARR
  4. SMACK baby SMACK
  5. spare of despair
  6. プロミスザスタ一
  7. JAM
  8. Here’s looking at you, kid.
  9. ろっくんろおるのかみさま
  10. BODIES
  11. ALLS
  12. パール
  13. FOR HiM

Maybe if you are lucky and have a friend in Japan and they are quick, you could get a copy. If not you will have to order one of the regular editions like the rest of us.

Oh, I almost forgot, you get a blurry peak at there new visual thanks to a nice wota.

Official Website:

Pre-order the upcoming album here.

Untitled Release – AVCD-93752/B
CD+Blu-Ray disc
13 tracks
Blu-Ray: Live video (I assume a concert); Music video

Untitled Release – AVCD-93753/B

13 tracks
DVD: Live video (I assume a concert)

Untitled Release – AVCD-93754

CD only
13 tracks

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