Hope you all have been saving your pennies because it is time to spend all that money. Book those hotel rooms, rent those cars and get those plane tickets because NECRONOMIDOL is coming to town. And you know what, they are better than Santa because they are real.

NECRONOMIDOL, The ultra-dark idols, will be making their North American debut this December. You are not going to want to miss any of these shows. From what I have heard every show will be a unique experience. At the Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle shows there will be a live backing band, ZEROSHIKI. The San Francisco live will be more of a traditional idol event and will probably include buppan. If you are a fan of idols, metal, Lovecraft or fun, well this is going to be something you will not want to miss. I guarantee it.


Here are the tour details

Los Angeles
Date: December 15th
Venue: Whisky A Go Go
Time: Door at 6:30pm
Capacity: 500
Opening acts: coming soon
VIP: VIP SHOW at SoundBite Studios in Downtown LA (details soon)

Date: December 17th
Venue: The ANALOG
Time:  Door at 5:00pm
Capacity: 315
Opening acts: coming soon
VIP: coming soon

Date: December 20th
Venue: Studio Seven
Time: Door at 7:00pm
Capacity: 750
Opening acts: coming soon
VIP: coming soon

San Francisco
Date: December 22nd
Venue: Bottom Of The Hill
Time: Door at 8:30pm
Capacity: 325
Opening acts: NAME
VIP: coming soon

Official Website: NECRONOMIDOL
Official Website: ZEROSHIKI

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