Kaqriyo Terror Architect Announce New Single

Boy these codomomental groups like to stay super busy. Didn’t 幽世テロルArchitect just release a single. Anyway, more music is always better, at least that is what I think. Plus, it helps my overly cumbersome and unwieldy CD collection continue to grow. Let’s get the details on this upcoming release.

This will be the second single released by 幽世テロルArchitect – 「ユビキリゲンマン」. This one is priced as a standard single, only ¥1080. It will be out November 29th. I am sure we have a couple of the classic codomomental 2-hour limited song windows coming up before then.


Track list

  1. ユビキリゲンマン
  2. いろはにコラージュ
  3. Therefore?

Official Website: http://kaqriyoterror.com/

You want to pre-order? Here you go.

幽世テロルArchitect – 「ユビキリゲンマン」

2 thoughts on “Kaqriyo Terror Architect Announce New Single

  1. Is it just me or are KTA selling sex in a way we haven’t seen with other Codo acts (outside of Yotsu’s thighs, but those are more a happy accident than actual planning), this is 2 for 2 for them.*

    *not a complaint just an observation.


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