RHYMEBERRY – ちょっとやってみただけ (MV)

Ummmmm…. excuse me?!??!?!……. Flow much. Now for a kid that grew up in the eighties and was in high school when Gangsta Rap was a thing, I have heard my fair share of rhymes being spit (that is what they used to say). These girls never cease to amaze me. They just sound so dang slick.

Anyhow, you don’t just get one video, you get three. Now the creative person out there might download these three and craft one seamless video, I really wish I was that person. Maybe some creative type out there could hook us up. Send me a link when you do.

Like I said, the flow on this track is tight. Just listen for yourself.

Official Website: https://rhymeberry.tokyo/

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