『WACK & SCRAMBLES WORKS』 A New Old Thing -opinion piece-

I am sure that a lot of fans of the type of idol we cover around these parts are also fans of more traditional idols, idols like AKB48 or Morning Musume. I will admit I have listed to a few of the more traditional types of idols in my day, and that isn’t a bad thing. But now it seem that “traditional idol stuff is ruining ‘our’ idol”. Well, lets see how ruined “our” idol is about to be.

This came across the wire today on every official Twitter for the groups managed by WACK. (BiSH is just the example I chose)

More information on the official BiS site.

So, an election for members to get a shot at a solo project. Also what is being called a “cash grab”. Is any of this really a bad thing? I for one don’t think so, and I will tell you why.

Here is how it works. Buy a CD, get a serial number, vote for idol. Two idols win and get a solo debut on avex.

First, in order to vote you need to buy the 『WACK & SCRAMBLES WORKS』 CD. Use the enclosed serial number to vote one time forthe idol of your choice. Will this drive up sales? Yes, it certainly will. As we have all seen in recent news some people go crazy for this type of thing in the “trad” world. Buying up hundreds of CDs just to make sure their favorite gets as many votes as possible. Mind you, these types are few and far between. But you know what, I really don’t care about all that. If some guy wants to spend his savings on “buying a win” for his favorite idol, he is more that welcome to do so. If I know one thing about WACK they probably won’t let this type of activity ruin what they are doing.

Second thing, WACK is a very calculating and methodical management company. There are a lot of people out there that still get sucked in by the DiET or DiE gimmick, or when the move folks around from group to group with no warning. Do you really think that none of that was planned out and calculated? Of course it was. Idols are great actors, look at them cry so convincingly. I think crying at special events might be one of their favorite pass times. Anyway. It is all planned out ahead of time, and so is this. I can say with 95% certainty that one of the two winners will be Aina The End, the other I am not so certain about. But it will be one of the best voices out of the 25 girls (I just hope it is Miki from GANG PARADE).

Will this ruin the integrity of “Alt” idol? Uhhhhh……NO, and I will tell you why. Idol is Idol, the type of idol we cover around here is no different than the bigger groups (your 46/48 groups and such). They all follow the same structure and formula. All the same rules (for the most part, there are one or two groups that don’t) When was the last time you saw an “alt” idol talking about their boyfriend? I think that answer is never. Idol is all smoke and mirrors….. entertainment……. commerce. These girls are not here to have fun, this is their job (most of the time the lowest paying of their two jobs). We all think that our type of idol is special, it isn’t though. We just like the sound and look better.

What this vote is going to do is give a couple of girls a little more exposure to the wider world of musical performance. Isn’t that what most level headed, thinking fans want? More popularity and fans for the idols they support, of course it is.

Maybe I am just an unfeeling robot and don’t let emotion cloud my judgement. Maybe I paint the fence with too broad of strokes. I don’t know. In the end you will have to decide what you think about this whole deal for yourself. You all know how I feel now.

If you made it through all of this rambling, good for you. Kudos for having an adult sized attention span.

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