GANG PARADE – イミナイウタ (MV)

Well, I really don’t know what to say. First off, I think I have been asleep at the wheel because I have been missing things left and right (or it might be all in my mind). Second…….. this song is really something different.

When people say GANG PARADE is the testing group for new stuff they are not wrong. This is something that seems completely out of space and time for the group. It almost sounds like a reworking of STUPiG by BiS, but good. Anyone remember that tune. This is the first track off the new album, 『GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!』 Anyway, there is really no way to describe this, you just have to watch it.

Official Website:

You want to hear some more from the upcoming album? They have put seven tracks up on SoundCloud:

Go order the new release (not even gonna ask nice, just do it)

GANG PARADE – 『GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!』

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