GANG PARADE Announce New Single And More

You know what I love about the WACK family of groups? The volume of material that they produce, everything is spaced out just so. Today GANG PARADE announced that they will be giving us a new single. Lets check out what they said.

Of course information is a bit sparse on this one. What we have so far is the it will be titled 「BREAKING THE ROAD」and will be released on February 20th 2018 (quite a ways off). We await some cover art and a track list, it could be a bit of time since they just released a new album today.

The exciting part is that they will do a nation-wide tour to promote it. Called the 「MAKING THE ROAD」tour, it will run from January 20th to February 23rd and includes stops in Osaka, Fushimi, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Niigata, Sapporo and culminating in a tour final at Akasaka BLITZ. Quite the tour.

Full tour information: 「BREAKING THE ROAD」Tour

We will get you more information when it is available, but if you are a GANG PARADE fan and want to see some of the tour, you now know when to book your flights and lodging.

Official Website:

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