Bonnou Paradox Gets New Members

Not long ago 煩悩Paradox had a couple graduations, Kagari and Uni, and I thought things were looking a little bleak. Chuu and Misato said they would carry on. It looks like they will not be alone now. They seem to have picked up a little bit of help.

I have always been a supporter of Bonnou Paradox, they always seemed just like something I would like. Then they put out some tunes, they were good. We really only got to hear live stuff and some rehearsals. Now it looks like there is a bit of new life being pumped into the group. They just added three new members. Lets meet them and see if we can find out anything. This could be rough as the Twitter account are all very new.

Here is a fun video they made. I f I am getting anything from this video is would be that this might be a full reboot of the group.

First we have Kaho, she is the green member and is a fan of baseball.

Next is Menma, she is the light blue member. She says she is a fan of hardcore and underground music. That could be interesting.

Lastly we have Nono, she is the purple member. Says she loves rabbits and curry.

Their debut show will be on November 25th at 渋谷WWW.

I don’t know abut anyone else but I am very, very excited about this.

Official website:

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