Botan Kamimaru – ⁑STARNiGHT_TRAVELER⁑

Out of the ashes of the smoldering wreckage of the management company called ANFORT and all the shattered lives it left in its wake, a shining star may be starting to make an appearance. Botan Kamimaru, perhaps rising like a phoenix? I will let you judge.

I think we all remember, she was in a group called DEVIL GUN (run by the horrible ANFORT). Well, I remember and she is back…… solo. Lets have us a listen.

Yeah, she has a Soundcloud and she has a song out.

Not too shabby for something she penned the lyrics to. I think she might have something here. Of course she won’t be for everyone, but I will keep an eye on her for you.

Oh yeah, she has also been playing shows for a while, like since September.




One thought on “Botan Kamimaru – ⁑STARNiGHT_TRAVELER⁑

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