EMPiRE and WACK Sneaks One By Us Westerners

Oh WACK, you are so crazy. Even when they telegraph stuff it still surprises us. Today, November 23rd, they got us good. EMPiRE snuck a debut in under the radar. What did we miss (me included)?

I guess it pays to read the Tweet about the interview and not just go right to it. Yesterday, OTOTOY put out an interview with Kenta Matsukuma about EMPiRE. Here is the tweet.

Oh, an interview about this group I want to know more about….. lets go read it. I think that is what everyone without the needed Japanese skills to quickly skim a tweet said. In doing so we missed one crucial clue. “そして明日11月23日(水・祝)、都内某所にて、いよいよ会員向けのお披露目ライヴ開催!! ” (Google-senei says: And tomorrow, November 23 (Wednesday, holiday), at a certain place in Tokyo, we will finally show off for members! !) huh, there it is. Well, I guess we will all be move careful next time.

To be fair, it was also tucked away in the interview as well, in the introductory paragraph.

Anyhow, EMPiRE had their debut at 六本木 Morph-Tokyo. It seems they were excited about it.

Well, played WACK….. well played.

Official Website: http://empire-official.com/

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