mistress New Album and 3rd One-Man Announced

Oh, mistress, why are you so awesome. You just keep getting better and better. Of all the idols I listen to (and there are many) you are in the top three. We knew there was an album coming and now we have the details.

If there is on group that has never disappointed me it is mistress. The songs are awesome, the girls are awesome, the merchandise is awesome (Yes, that includes my pink power puff styled shirt). Now we have a new album to look forward to. Lets look at some details.

Release date is December 12th, so just around the corner. The price is only ¥1852 +tax which is a steal if I am being honest.


Track list

  1. Ambitious!
  3. Little Red Riding Foolish
  4. 狂ヲシク咲キ踊ル
  6. noise
  7. Ordinary allegro
  8. 死死死死死死死死死
  9. Remember
  10. monster
  11. Too noisy!Too noetic

All the tracks were produced by u-ya (THREE LIGHTS DOWN KINGS) and the lyrics are by lyrics by Harada Mariru, Shinozaki Kokoro (petit pas!) & Yayoi (uijin)

Thanks to a quick Mr. Viz we even have some artwork to show you. It is a bit small but I think it was posted on accident.

Cover and reverse of cover


They are also showing off their new visual for the album, which they wore at the one-man they just had.

And a tiny promotional shot, I wish they would make them bigger but I guess that is how it goes.

They have also announce their third one-man which will be held on April 15th 2018, details later.

Official Website: http://mistress.radcreation.jp/

While you are here, why don’t you order the new album.

mistress – ARTIFACT

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