Kaqriyo Terror Architect – ユビキリゲンマン (MV)

Codomomental please….. how do you do it. Every MV this company produces is a gem, not to mention the talent they have in the company. Of course this is the newest group in the fold 幽世テロルArchitect. This is the video for the title track off the upcoming second single.

When 幽世テロルArchitect released their first single I just wasn’t sure about if I was going to like them or not. Well, I have listened to that enough to have become a fan and now this song comes out. It is just so good, I am really liking the overdriven effects on he vocals, just enough to give some punch but not enough to distract. The music is also a great mix of guitar and electronic. On with the MV.

Did you notice who the guests were acting out the story? Yep it is Megumi (Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.) and Komachi (Yukueshirezutsurezure). Truly an in house project and I would expect nothing less from codomomental.

Official Website: http://kaqriyoterror.com/

Information on the single here: ユビキリゲンマン

Or if you just want to pre-order? Here you go.

幽世テロルArchitect – 「ユビキリゲンマン」

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