Exciting New Content on the Alt Idol Podcast YouTube Channel

We have exciting thing happening at the old Alt Idol Podcast YouTube channel. One new program has already started, we might have a couple more on the way. We are looking to supplement the podcast and possibly bring you a bit more entertainment. Lets see what we have up our sleeves.

You all know how we like our music videos on the podcast, lets us just talk about things off the cuff and free of any type of structure really. Totally free form. Well, Terry is taking it a bit further now, he has his own brand of reaction videos. A little more subdued, none of the giant over reaction like a lot of the ones you see out there. Anyway, since you pretty much have to start with fresh content and he is pretty deep into the genre, anything old is really out of the question. So it looks like you will probably get one when ever a new MV pops up.

So far he has two in the bag.

With a lot more to come.

Also, we will be trying out a little bit of other content pretty soon. Stay tuned for that.

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