That Is New To Me: Synth de La Eve

I know that we have not done this feature for a while, but I get busy with other things. Anyway, here is a new group about the idol-sphere, Synth de La Eve, and we are going to take a look at them.

Thanks to Nik from the Alt Idol Facebook Group for pointing them out.

According to their official website their activities started in September of 2017, the same month that they opened their site, Their Twitter account had been created in August 2017. The unit is made up of three girls with the average age of 17, so it looks like if they stick with it they could have a long career in idol. I do think they had probably been together for a few months before activities started as they had live video right from the start.

The musical style is electro-goth-metal, or at least a fusion of those styles. I think it is an apt description. We will get a listen to them a bit later. How about we meet the girls first.

宮澤 美琴 (Mikoto Miyazawa)

She like drama (threater), reading, watching movies and listening to music. Her color is yellow. She is 20 Years old (1997/6/29). Twitter: @mikotomiyazawa

雪白ひまり (Himari Yukishiro)

She likes painting and singing. Her color is blue and she is 16 years old (2000/12/4). Twitter: @himariyukishiro


She enjoys time on the internet and can also play the drums. Her color is blue and she is 16 years old (2001/5/1). Twitter: @yumemiichan

Here is a short of their upcoming MV for their first single「inconvenient

They are on the record label MEL9 and are actually releasing their debut single today (12/1/2017). You can get it on OTOTOY right now. inconvenient

Official Socials

Twitter: @synthdelaeve
Official Website:
YouTube: MEL9 Records
Label: MEL9 Records

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