Bonnou Paradox Show Us What They Are All About

煩悩Paradox makes me feel all warm and happy. We talked a bit bout them a little on the last podcast and now they have put out a bit of footage with the new members and it is great….. really great.

Since the beginning I have been a supporter of 煩悩Paradox and I can see even more potential in this group and they deserve a good shot at making it. They have been working very hard to build a good brand for themselves and I think they are just about there. If you need a bit of information on the new lineup of the group: Information. You can also search them in the side bar, or for the super lazy among you, here is a link to all the stories about them: LINK

We talked about the new use of death vocals by Misato, the sole original member. Well, it seems she isn’t the only one getting in on that style. Check out this new live footage of one of their new songs they just put out.

Wow, that was great. And since Suzuki Daiten (producer) is so nice, they have published the lyrics as well.

So, jump on this band wagon and join in on the fun. It is only up from here my friends.

Official Website:

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