EMPiRE – アカルイミライ (MV) and More

It is the day that many have been waiting for. EMPiRE is showing us what they are made of. No waiting for the WACK Festival or anything else now. We have an MV and some other things as well. Lets check it out.

First off, hows about a look at this new music video. The production all around is good. That is to be expected from a WACK group of course. Have yourself a watch before I say a word or two about it.

My first impression is that the song is very オーケストラ or プロミスザスター in nature. If you were looking for something that is a bit different than some of the softer stuff that BiSH is currently doing, well, you are going to be disappointed. So, those folks bagging on BiSH lately, I don’t want to see you saying this is awesome. That would just be hypocritical really. Moving on.

EMPiRE has also graced us with all three of their songs on their SoundCloud page.

Not bad, not bad. At least we now know what Watanabe meant when he said the sound would be “cool”.

They have also opened up the fan club, which is free. I believe you do need a Japanese address to join though.

And, as it is with all WACK groups, OTOTOY has started a string of interviews and stories with the group. So, if you want in depth information on them, along with photos and the like, here is a link to that.: OTOTOY Interview

I don’t think I missed anything, it was quite the flood of information.

Official Website: http://empire-official.com/

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