BiS Announce New Single Release Date And More

WACK is really on a tear lately. A new group, which is good by the way, new releases, awesome support for all of their groups. Now, today, BiS made an announcement we all knew was coming, it was only a matter of time. Of course we got this earlier, which always starts to rumor mill going.

So I suppose the big announcement is the date for their major label debut release. I have been waiting since they joined Crown Stones, sub label of Nippon Crown, in October. It looks like it will be a double A-side single which will come in two versions, a standard CD only and a version with a DVD which will contain the show from Akasaka BLITZ when they announced their major label debut. You all remember that live right? Pour Lui came back and they did “paprika” like five times in a row. It sure was a good show.

Also they announced a new catch phrase and logo for BiS. The phrase is 「ANARCHY iN THE IDOL」and the group will continue on in the spirit of punk groups like the Sex Pistols. They said they will move forward “BiSは、BiSらしく前に進み続ける” (trans. BiS keeps moving forward like BiS). I suppose that means they will move forward with the same motivation as they have been, possibly moving towards a more punk-like type of musical style.

Official Website:


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