This one will seem a bit different from the usual idol fare we bring you around here. But you know what, I really like this song, I really like the album, I like the person. I have been working up an interview for her (I will get that to you very soon, pinky promise), so you all will get to know her a bit better. More on that another day. Lets get a look at this video.

Now this is the title track of of HIMEZAWA’s debut album「 SPADES & STARS 」 which I have already told you is great. You should look into buying it. I believe this video was funded through her Patreon, so some excellent support from her fan base there. Now, you know I like to let the videos speak for themselves so here we go.

Oh, I forgot to mention, she does live and produce her work in Japan, but she is originally from Germany and the song is in English. So for a change of pace, on the album there are 12 tracks, 6 in English and the same 6 in Japanese. That is pretty cool.

All of her socials are located in the video description.

Official Website: http://www.himezawa.com/

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