The WACK Festival – Quite A Thing

Well, anyone willing to pony up the $5 for a premium NicoNico account was certainly in for a treat last evening. It was one of those good old WACK gatherings that people either seem to love, or seem to find something to get all angry about. I am almost certain both type will read this. Lets find out what happened.

This is really just a quick overview of the WACK Festival, if you don’t care about the set lists and stuff just scroll down to the news you came for at the bottom.

The evening started off with a fun little set by Matsukuma Kenta’s band Ghost Oracle Drive. He was soon joined by Watanabe and the beat mints boyz doing “スパーク”.

  1. Maintain Maintain
  3. Have you ever seen
  4. スパーク

After them EMPiRE took the stage and did their three songs. All the members performed well. None even looked that nervous.

  1. EMPiRE is COMiNG
  3. アカルイミライ

Next up was BiS, who put on a super show, as usual. The set list was pretty good. I was hoping for an always rousing rendition of “paprika”, but no.

  1. nerve
  2. I can’t say NO!!!!!!
  4. BiSBiS
  6. Fly
  7. gives

GANG PARADE was up next. They were really good as well, they usually are. I am not exactly sure why they did Plastic 2 Mercy twice, it isn’t as if they lack for songs.

  1. Plastic 2 Mercy
  2. pretty pretty good
  4. Barely Last
  5. Beyond the Mountain
  6. FOUL
  7. Plastic 2 Mercy

Then BiSH took the stage. One thing I have noticed lately with them is that Momoko and LiNGLiNG have really been done excellent work on stage. Ayuni_D was a bit shaky to start and Atsuko could have used a bit more volume.

  1. SHARR
  2. My landscape
  3. プロミスザスター
  7. BiSH-星が瞬く夜に-

Then Aina came out and did an acoustic version of “屋上の空”. It was really really good.

Then after a bit SAiNT Sex took the stage and did “WACK IS FXXK”.

Then old Watanabe came out. You always know he is going to say something that will have a profound effect on one of the groups at these big gatherings. He announced that the trade between Saki and Aya was ended and that they would be transferring back to their previous groups on March 4th, which is the date of the BiS one-man. There will be some sort of ceremony ending the trade deal.

After all of that every WACK group was called out to the stage and they did a great version of “nerve” to close out the show.

A bit more on the trade, Saki has already issued a statement, you can just use your phone to Google translate it.

There was also announced a new round of WACK auditions. The purpose of the auditions was not stated but I am sure we will be told just at the wrong time, as is Watanabe’s way.

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3 thoughts on “The WACK Festival – Quite A Thing

    • While I can certainly understand why you’d say that, I disagree.

      Initially with the first two tracks from Killer Bish (which are complete rip-offs of / tributes to the American 1980s hardcore punk sound [Minor Threat/Bad Brains/Black Flag]), and even more so with Giant Killers/Sharr from the new album (both of which are takes on other “punk” eras [Strike Anywhere/literally any early 2000s “scramz” band]), from my perspective, it’s been made very clear that BiSH is trying to take the old school punk musical approach and apply it to the Idol, or rather, ‘anti-Idol’ genre (to a degree); that approach was never, EVER about being solid live, it was solely about energy, force, purpose, and rejecting the societal norms of the times, especially within the music industry. I mean hell, almost everybody in those legendary hardcore punk bands didn’t even know how to play their instruments, let alone be vocally solid; they didn’t care, because the energy, atmosphere, and purpose trumped all of that. That’s what I think BiSH is doing. You can tell with AYUNi too. In her early performances, she’s significantly dialed back; more focused on “staying in the pocket” and not messing up, but now she’s letting her accent come through a hell of a lot more and she’s leaning into the performance. All of the girls are. This live was KILLER, in my opinion, because while they didn’t go full careless or anything, it was all about the energy, and especially when you are THERE watching live, that energy will always trump any sort of sonic “standard”.

      Holy hell, I am long winded. Apologies! I just grew up neck deep in all the “underground” bands back in the day, so my appreciation for BiSH and WACK have been going through the roof as time goes on, so I want to provide some context for what I perceive is going on with the group musically / performance wise.

      Ultimately it IS a risky move on their part, because they can’t possibly expect unversed people to just latch onto a group of girls shredding their voices out on the first song.

      All in all though, if BiSH maintains this “punk” course and gains more and more momentum, I PRAY that it somehow reignites the ruthless spark inside Mariko Goto.

      I would do awful, miserable, unspeakable things to see Midori or Mariko’s solo project and BiSH do a tour together. God bless it.


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