Maison book girl – 十六歳 (MV)

Lesson one in reporting on the music scene in a foreign land: adjust your time schedule. Here I am, four hours late bringing you what is probably not actually news any more. Other than all that, we have a new video from everyone’s favorite Ikea-core group, Maison book girl. Lets have at it.

If there is one thing you can say about Maison book girl it is this, they are certainly interesting. This video does not disappoint in that respect. The look of the girls is different, the video effects are outstanding, the song is great. Here, watch it one or two or maybe more times.

OK, a couple things. First, With the title translating as “Sixteen-year-old”, I assume the song, if we are to go by the video story, is about the loss of innocence. Now I could be wrong, but I did have to loosen my collar a bit there in the middle of the MV. Second, and possibly more important, who is the mystery girl at the very end of the video? Just some random girl? I don’t know, maybe somebody out there can tell us. Anyway, another great one from one of the more underrated idol groups out there.

Thank you to a member of the Japanese Music Experience Facebook group we now know that the girl at the end calls her self 若杉凩 (Wakasugi). What her importance is might be gleaned from this statement by the director, 東佳苗 [Azuma Kanae].


Official Website:

I have already ordered up this CD. Do you want your own copy? Here you go.

Maison book girl – cotoeri

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