Idol Chatter: GARUDA

A new feature for the page, interviews. Lets see how this goes.

GARDUDA is an act headed by an idol named Yuffie. I came across her some time ago when she liked one of the stories I did in my “That Is New To Me” feature. So I decided to see what she had to offer. I was not disappointed. Since then we have had several pleasant exchanges via social media and I finally decided to ask if she would give an interview. She agreed and the following is the result. I will admit I am not the best at interviews and I do get help from some folks in the shadows, namely Kris. Lets see how it all turned out.

The musical style of GARUDA is industrial metal. Originally a duo, Yuffie has been the only member for quite a while. Her popularity is growing and she has been booking shows with big and more known groups.

Q: You just had your birthday live. How do you think it went?

A: I was very happy because many of my favorite idols and bands came to my birthday live and I was able to perform in a band style, it was awesome! I am really happy! All of the fans who came to see us told us “This was really fun, I’m glad I came!” so I was really pleased.



Q: It seems like a lot of interesting underground idols also performed on your birthday show. Are there any underground idols you would like more people to know about?

A:Nowadays, I’m most interested in “神激 (Shingeki)”. because the members look very cute but their performance is intense. The other group I am interested in is “棘-おどろ-(Odoro)”. Their atmosphere, dance and songs, everything is so cute! I can’t take my eyes off them!!



Q: You are a fan of many Western industrial and metal bands such as Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Slipknot, Linkin Park and have even done covers of their songs. What drew you towards these bands and what inspiration did you take from them?

A: They all made a strong impression. When I saw Marilyn Manson and Rammstein, I lost my words. I liked listening to western industrial bands before, but when I saw them, I got shocked as if the world was turned upside down. I realized that there are really these kind of people in the world!! Their visual appearance, songs, meaning of lyrics and live performance, everything was cool. Sometimes It makes me scared and feel decadent but it opened my mind.






Q: Are there any Japanese bands and idols that inspired you?

A: I like Ziyoou-vachi(女王蜂), SiM, CRAZY N’SANE in Japanese bands. They’re Japanese bands but they have their own style not like popular Japanese bands. They gave me some good inspiration


Q: What song are your favorite songs lately?

A: I like the album from Horrorpops, “Hell Yeah!”. I’ve listened to the album a lot since I was introduced to it.

Horrorpopsのアルバム「Hell Yeah!」が好きです!人から教えてもらってからはまってずっと聴いてます。


Q: GARUDA was two girls at the start. Why is it only you now?

A: The ex-member got married and she has a new happy life! I’m very happy for her!
I’ll welcome any new girl member into my group anytime! LOL




Q: You work with Mr. PERKELE on all your original songs, will you continue to work with him in the future?

A: Yes, of course! All of his songs are wonderful, I really want him to write more songs for me.


Mr. PERKELEの作曲する曲はどれも素晴らしいですし、これからもぜひ彼にGARUDAのオリジナル曲を書いてほしいです。


Q: Do you plan on releasing a single or album in the near future?

A: I have plans to release a CD once new material is completed. I can’t say when I’m going to release it, but I’m making new songs. I hope you’re excited for the new songs!



Q: What do you hope you can achieve in 2018?

A: I would like to release a new CD and do my own one-man live performance. I would  like to do it with a live band. I would love many new people to come to know of my work!


GARUDA’s Socials

GARUDA Twitter

Yuffie’s Twitter


Yuffie’s Instagram

GARUDA Webstore

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