JyuJyu Announce Upcoming Release

You all know how I love my dark themed idols, so I was extra excited to hear that JyuJyu was releasing a new mini album. As a matter of fact I was so excited that I ordered it even before I wrote this piece. Lets see what we will be getting from the cursed quartet.

This is the first release with the new four girl line up. From the live footage I have seen I think they have meshed well. I am really looking forward to this album.

じゅじゅ – じゅじゅ
Price:  ¥1500
Release date: February 13, 2018

Track list

  1. 呪呪
  2. 蜘蛛の糸
  3. 35席
  4. ゆらりゆらり
  5. die生キル
  6. ゆらりゆらり DJ REMIX

I believe this is the album art.

I am very excite to hear the remade version of 呪呪, which is the very first song ever released by the group.

Official Website: http://jyujyu.info/

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