WACK – Solo Debut Voting, A Bit Odd

Well, WACK had their vote to determine who gets a solo debut release. The show was about two hours long on niconico. A couple twists and turns, pretty uneventful…… almost.

I think everyone pretty much had the results for the top three vote getters in the WACK solo debut election nailed down. It would be in no particular order these three: Chitti, Aina, Ayuni_D. This was pretty much certain. The rest was all up in the air.

The first hour of the show was a complete run down of every big event that had taken place under the WACK umbrella. Boy, it sure was a lot of stuff. Think back over the year, many releases, some one-man lives, festivals, just all sorts of stuff. Then there was a break for a bit, I am sure to add tension. Then they started reading names, beginning with 15th place. They ran like this.

15. Atsuko
14. Yuka
13. Peri-Ubu
12. Maika
11. Coco
10. Saki
9. Kika
8. Yua
7. Gumi
6. Aya
5. Miki
4. Pour Lui
3. Ayuni_D
2. Aina
1. Chitti

It was after this point that the surprises started to come. First Watanabe made an appearance, but not in person. He appeared via video screen and I assume by what happened next he was explaining that there were to be some punishment doled out for not being in the top 15. Black envelopes were handed to the MC. He opened one and a punishment was given out. Pan Luna Leafy had to eat some super hot curry rice. Another envelope was opened, MiDORIKO also got some hot curry rice.

Next came the really surprising announcement. A third black envelope was opened and it was announced that Yui ga Dokuson was to get a solo debut as well, on the indie WACK label which I assume is Tsubabsa records. This is an aping of the way AKB runs there elections.

So, there were some fun surprises and a couple of non surprises. Overall it was a fun time, even if you didn’t speak Japanese. If you would like a bit more insight, we talked about this for a bit on the podcast.

2 thoughts on “WACK – Solo Debut Voting, A Bit Odd

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