Well, you all know I love NECRONOMIDOL and you know I love collecting idol related stuff, so this was right up my alley. When I heard about this today I about jumped out of my skin, figuratively of course…… maybe.

It seems that good old Ricky Wilson has made another deal with a European company to do a small reissue of a back catalog release. The company is called atelier 5-7-5 and they are a boutique label out of Portugal dealing in cassette releases. This edition of NEMESIS is being offered in a limited edition of 100 copies available in three different editions.

First is the basic cassette only version. This is on a Type II Chrome cassette so the reproduction quality should be really good. 50 copies of this edition available.

Second is a cassette plus postcards. It includes the cassette plus three postcards. 25 copies of this edition available.

The third is a version with cassette, postcards and balloons, a party pack if you will. 25 copies of this edition available. Do you want balloons? Of course you do.

These will probably go pretty quickly so better get after them.

Order here:

Official Website:

4 thoughts on “NECRONOMIDOL – NEMESIS: New Issue

  1. Hotaru was a huuuge part of NEMESIS-era Necroma, I’m glad she wasn’t erased from their history, and was prominent in the Psychopomp MV even with a week remaining in the unit.

    I must be getting old because not only did i miss out on the Ouija board on the Vinyl DEATHLESS, but I missed out on the cursed balloons as well.

    Nice meeting you briefly, John, at the LA VIP show even though admittedly, my sense of humor kinda sucks.

    I guess the real questions still remaining about the NEMESIS tape are: Are their lyrics, and if so what language are they in?

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